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Road Force Balancing

Aspen Tire & Auto has one of the most effective and efficient Road Force Balancing Systems in the Nation. The Computerized System is a state-of-the-art Hunter Road Force GSP9700 machine that can give an exact digital readout of each tire. The Hunter Road Force GSP9700 system gives Aspen Tire & Auto the advantage with cars that most repair shops cannot fix.

The Hunter Road Force GSP9700 has several features that benefit both the business, and the customer. The system has the ability to solve wheel vibration problems that balancing can't fix, by detecting non-balance, radial-force-related problems. Also, the system has faster troubleshooting and repair, by quickly calculating contribution of wheel and rim to radial vibration problems. The Hunter System dramatically improves quality and customer satisfaction, because it can duplicate wheel vibration measurements that were only able to be done by the new car dealer. Aspen Tire & Auto, Inc. became an expert Road Force Balancing center when we purchased the system, because it allows us to fix cars that all the other places could not fix. The system is completely digital, making it easy to work with and efficient every time it is used!

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